Dead men tell no tales


Author: Stella María Sam Pagan (3 ESO) 

To celebrate that summer was ending, I wanted to watch a movie with some friends. After a discussion about which film we would like to watch, we decided to watch the new Disney film on DVD: “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man tell no tales”. I wasn’t keen on watching it because I had rather low expectactions due to having been disappointed by the previous one. But after all, I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

To begin with, I think that a redeeming feature of this film is that it is amore similar to the original trilogy ( the one that i really liked). Within this movie, we can find everything that made these films famous: true pirates, treason, fantasy legends, quirky and heart warming characters, swashbucking battles , curses, etc. Hitherto, nothing to reproach.

Well, now, our celebrated main character, he only has a couple of sober scenes. Consequently, the two new and really Young actors drive the action forward. I’m sure that after this film they are going to be catapulted to fame. Their names are Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites. Another superb performance, which surprised me in a positive way is that of Javier Bardem, a wonderful and truly
impressive portrayal.

Aside from plot actors and state- of-art special effects. You can notice the great post-production work. There are truly beautiful scenes with stunning scenery. Then, the soundtrack keeps up with the movie.
To sum up, this is a movie that recovers all good points from this saga and which is worth watching at home with the best sound and image quality. When it finishes you are left wanting more. It lasts for two hours but it feels more like ten minutes. I think that it’ll be a blockbuster!!!


  1. Excellent job Stella!! You're such a dedicated student!! This film review is absolutely amazing! You write like a native English speaker!!!!!
    I've only been able to spot a couple of minor mistakes (a couple of commas missing, for example). Also, be careful with the plural of Man=Men. (Or Dead man TELLS no tales)


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